CRAWLING SINCE 2000



 The guys at NZRCRC specialize  in Remote Control 4wd Rock Crawlers , and Scale 4wd Trucks , if you're into RC Rock Crawlers and from New Zealand or around the world, feel  free to join.

We all live pretty close to each other, Bay of Plenty, Hamilton , Katikati  So if ya want to join in one day, lets us know. 

We have years of experience  in RC Crawling, Building Trucks from scratch , and are more than happy to help with any of you builds.

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                                       CRAWL SPOTS


We meet if not every other weekend at: NRCP, GRCP, TRAILS AT KAIMIAS, LEISURE ISLAND              


NRCP : Nicks Rock Crawling Park, Tauranga

GRCP: Garths Rock Crawling Park, Katikati

Leisure Island, Mount ,Maunganui

Trails at Kaimias: Mc Claren Falls